THESSALONIKI, GR — (04-21-23) — MODUS VIVENDI Men’s Apparel drops jaws on every Continent on this planet with its new ‘Jeans Swimwear Line &  “Horseman” Campaign’ commercial featuring fashion model Jordan Misael.

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The marketing team at the Internationally known MODUS VIVENDI describes the Jeans Swimwear Line & the “Horseman” Campaign:

“MODUS VIVENDI presents Jeans Swimwear Line & the “Horseman” Campaign from Swimwear 2023 Collection inspired by coastline horse rides. There is something magical about being on horseback, trotting along the beach with the salty ocean wind in your hair. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete novice, horseback riding is the perfect activity for a summer getaway. Imagine galloping along the shoreline wearing your denim swimwear, or taking a leisurely walk down a quiet beach path. The perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day at the beach with your Jeans bath suit.”

A horseback ride to give you the adventure of a lifetime.  Jeans Swimwear Line and adventure awaits!

MODUS VIVENDI – Jeans Swimwear Line & the Horseman

Modus Vivendi:
Official Website

Fashion Model:
Jordan Misael

Director Cinematography:
Gastsohn Barrios

Estilo Wallo

Director of Photography:
Gastsohn Barrios

Executive Producer:
Matias Santos

Filming Location:
Pinamar, Argentina

Release date:
April 21, 2023

Fashion Boutiques, distributors and Online Apparel superstores can get immediate ordering information by visiting Modus Vivendi’s Official B2B Platform.

Contact Modus Vivendi’s B2B Sales Team direct at +30 2310 305831 | EMAIL  |  Official  Website  | Facebook  | Pinterest | Tumblr  |  Twitter  | YouTube |  Vimeo.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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