CZECH REPUBLIC — (02-19-23) — EASTBOYS has jaws dropping over its latest discovery, Colombian native Marcus Brown in stunning fashion.  This chiseled Latin Twink newcomer is truly a work of art and is sure to garner a huge fan base in no time!

EASTBOYS-Newcomer Marcus Brown-Screen Clips-jrl charts

EASTBOYS-Newcomer Marcus Brown-Screen Clips-jrl charts

The EASTBOYS Network proudly begins teasing sexy Latin Twink Marcus Brown’ upcoming hardcore release, that is sure to generate huge numbers on digital!

EASTBOYS-Introduces-Marcus Brown-Solo-Latin Twinks-jrl charts

“Marcus has proper athletes body formed for years at workout park, and you will have some idea what to look forward to.” – EASTBOYS

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EastBoys Introduces Colombian native Marcus Brown Photo Shoot-gay porn-jrl charts

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Production Companies:
EASTBOYS Productions

Czech Republic

Digital Release Date:
February 16, 2023

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