LAS VEGAS — (11-29-22) — Amazon Prime Video brings you first look at Calvin Demba and Iain Glen starring in THE RIG (2023), an upcoming horror thriller series that also stars Emily Hampshire, Martin Compston and directed by John Strickland.

The Rig (2023) Series Screen Clips-Prime Video-jrl charts tv show trailers

The Rig (2023) Series Screen Clips-Prime Video-jrl charts tv show trailers

“THE RIG (2023) follows the crew on the fictional Kinloch Bravo oil rig stationed off the Scottish coast on the dangerous waters of the North Sea. When the group of workers is due to return to the mainland, an eerie fog descends, and a mysterious force begins to take hold as the team finds themselves suddenly cut off from all communication with the outside world. Then all sorts of unimagined terrors begin to hit the rig.”

Prime Video’ original 6 part series is set to premier January 6, 2023.

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Series Directed by:
John Strickland
Alex Holmes

Series Created by:
David Macpherson

Written by:
David Macpherson
Matthew Jacobs Morgan
Meg Salter

Series Music by:
Blanck Mass

Series Cinematography by:
John Lee

Series Film Editing by:
Andrew McClelland
Colin Fair

Series Casting by:
Kelly Valentine Hendry

Series Production Design by:
Rob Harris

Special Effects:
AB VFX Studios (visual effects)
NVIZ (previsualization)

Executive Producers:
John Strickland
Derek Wax

Series Producer:
Suzanne Reid

Matt Brown

VFX Producer:
Alan Church

Production Companies:
Wild Mercury Productions

Distributed by:
Amazon Prime Video (2021) (UK) (TV)
Amazon Prime Video (2022) (USA) (video) (VOD)

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom


Release date:
January 6, 2023

Copyright © 2022 Prime Video

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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