CHATSWORTH, CA — (11-28-22) — SHOTS Glow in the Dark Collection streets worldwide. In fact SHOTS and OUCH! are super excited to announce they are adding a very bright addition to the current OUCH! Portfolio.

The newest addition to the OUCH! Collection was firstly introduced at the ANME in Burbank, California last July, and after a huge successful receipt it made it’s European debut at the Erofame 2022 with again a very enthusiastic receipt. It includes a full range, all gender inclusive, glow in the dark pleasure devices.

“Glow in the dark stirs nostalgia.” said Yaël Toonen, product manager at SHOTS. “There is something intangible and magical about it. It’s a revival of the 90’s and this trend is now back. Left and right we have seen some brands develop a glow in the dark product while the demand is growing, but none of them is offering a full glow in the dark portfolio, like OUCH! is doing right now. This is something we are very proud of.”

With eye to detail the product developers at OUCH! where not only thinking about when the lights go out, instead they designed all products with a bright green color giving it a much fresher and cleaner look and feel. Making sure all products can be used when the lights are on and off.

“Usually when using glow in the dark products the aesthetic is white “said Yaël Toonen “we wanted to make sure the OUCH! Glow in the dark can be used at any given time and keep the fresh clean feeling which is ever so important in our products, that’s why we designed the entire portfolio in a crispy,sexy green.” said Toonen.

A very competitive price point and a showstopper for your window displays or floor space. For your online marketing we are enabling all customers with a full marketing package including videos, lifestyle images, product images, banners and advertisement. This all to make sure you can get the most out of the product awareness both on and offline.

“The timing of this release couldn’t be better,”sais Sara Basilico account manager at SHOTS “Just in time for the busy holidays season but even more, after uncertain times we learned that people need a little bit more love and are ready to celebrate. The OUCH! Glow in the dark collection is these two factors combined”. Sara continues :

The wide range of portfolio is inclusive for everyone, there should be no limits to inclusivity, a very strong believe in which OUCH! is displaying it’s full range of products. Playing together or solo, paddles, butt plugs, cock cages, penis pumps, body harnesses or strap-ons, the OUCH! Glow in the dark edition covers them all.”

SHOTS America-BDSM Gear-Ouch-Glow-in-the-Dark-screenclips-2022-28-10-jrl-charts

Contact your account manager to find out which POS are available for you!

Retailers and online adult e-commerce merchants can Review the entire Ouch! Glow in the Dark Collection by Clicking Here.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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