LOS ANGELES — (09-16-22) — Kheper Games announced on Friday release of a new addition to its line of Pop-It Toys, the Potleaf Pop-It Toy.

“Pop-It Toys have been around since 1975, but only recently became popular due to a video on TikTok,” said Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “They have become the next stress-relieving item, following in the footsteps of fidget spinners and squishy toys. Although most are marketed to kids, adults also enjoy using them as doing it resembles the fun pastime we’ve all been guilty of indulging in at one point or another, popping bubble wrap. We, of course, like to make toys naughty and fun for adults. Just as we did with the Squishy Toy line of ours a few years ago, we foresee this fun spoof continuing to be the next big trend in adult stores as well.” said Pellham.

Plus retailers don’t forget to take advantage of the Kheper Health & Wellness Training Module at the Williams Trading University.

Williams Trading University-Kheper Games Health-Wellness Training Module-2022-jrl-charts

For more details on the Pop-It or Squishy Toys and other adult games and products by Kheper Games, contact your preferred distributor or, by contacting one of Kheper Games’ account managers direct at 1+877-426-3755 | International +1-206-782-2201 | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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