MONTREAL, QC — (08-09-22) — Disruptive Films and Pulse Distribution are ready to impress retail in Arcade revenue, DVD rentals and sales with its Come Outside DVD (2022), the upcoming gay erotica production starring Michael Boston, Matthew Figata, Cain Marko, Isaac Parker, Brandon Anderson and superstar Dalton Riley.

Produced by Bree Mills and directed by Walden Woods and Bree Mills, the Come Outside DVD (2022) is sure to impress among brick and mortar customers as well as online adult superstore clientele.

Come Outside DVD-back cover-Disruptive Films-Pulse

Come Outside DVD-back cover-Disruptive Films-Pulse

“Eric’s (Michael Boston) family kicked him out when they found out he was gay. While on the streets, Eric is approached by a mysterious woman who offers him a hot meal and an opportunity to have a job where he helps others. Unsure of what the job entails, but knowing he needs to make a living, Eric says yes. That’s when he meets, The Extractor (Michael Figata). Brent (Isaac Parker) has been locked in his house ever since the ‘incident’ that changed the landscape of the city and its population.

It’s wild on the ‘outside’ and humans have become feral in an attempt to survive. One day, he sees a man (Eric) outside his window. The man (Cain Marko) is unkempt and primal but, through the window, he manages to convince Brent that things are better on the outside than he believes. A married couple is desperate to grow their family and they figure the best way to do so is through the creation of A.I. robots.

Their first robot TIM (Dalton Riley) was a bad apple but the newest version, TOM (Brandon Anderson), is everything the couple dreamed of when they began their journey. They are thrilled with their strapping, polite man. As TOM proves to be the perfect specimen, the shadow of TIM –and The Robots soulular connection–cannot be escaped.”

The 2+ hour gay erotica production is gearing up to be unleashed to brick and mortar stores on August 23, 2022. The official street date for your customers will be labor day weekend September 1, 2022.

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Watch Come Outside DVD Official Teaser (2022)

Come Outside DVD-Teaser-Disruptive Films-Pulse-Distribution-2022-jrl-charts-794x446

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Directed by:
Bree Mills
Walden Woods

Produced by:
Bree Mills

Production Companies:
Disruptive Films

Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution (USA) (DVD)

UPC Code:
8-95152 09535-2



Run time:
1 Hour 43 Minutes

Ship Date:
August 23, 2022

Street Date:
September 1, 2022

Copyright © 2022 Disruptive Films/Alpha Studios Group

Retailers can get ordering information by contacting Pulse Distribution’s Vice President of Sales, Andrew Quaintance at 1+818-435-1604 | Fax 1+818-435-1602 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Skype: Andrew_Pulse.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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