HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – (07-11-22) (PR-JRL CHARTS) – XR Brands is thrilled to announce that they are now shipping an array of candles designed for wax play from popular kink brand Master Series.  Each addition is made with paraffin wax and made in a variety of shapes and containers to cater to a variety of wax players and give retailers a range of options for their shelves.

Known for its low melting point, paraffin wax is ready to use and is at a cooler temperature than a typical candle, reducing the chance for burns.

The new wax play offerings from Master Series include:

Pecker Drip Candle: Available in Dark Pecker (black), Passion Pecker (purple), Spicy Pecker (red), and Pride Pecker (rainbow), these unscented, moisturizing, penis-shaped paraffin wax candles add a touch of whimsy wax play.

Fever Hot Wax Candle: Available in red, black, and blue, these lightly scented paraffin candles come in convenient resealable tins and are perfect for setting the mood, experimenting with BDSM play, or indulging in a warm, sensual massage.

Dark Drippers Fetish Drip Candles Set of 3: Available in black or red, this fragrance-free set of three tapers features a unique paraffin wax formula that is ideal for sensation play.

Flame Drippers Candle Set: Designed with wax play in mind, this convenient set features three paraffin candles (one black, one purple, one red) in glass containers that make it easy for users to judge the temperature of the wax before pouring.

“More couples are exploring kink than ever before and wax play is an accessible entry point for many people,” said XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg. “We have stepped the Master Series line up to offer high-quality BDSM products that satisfy seasoned kinksters while remaining accessible to folks who are newly exploring. Wax play can be intimidating to the uninitiated, but these candles make it fun and easy. Plus, they make the perfect sexy gift!” said Weinberg.

Master Series is the first and only fully merchandised and packaged line of advanced fetish and BDSM gear, giving retailers greater opportunities to expand their BDSM offerings. Quality products, eye-catching packaging, and accessible price points have made Master Series one of XR Brands’ best-selling lines.

Retailers, contact XR Brands toll-free 1+888-261-4181 | Fax: 1+714-847-9008 | EMAIL | Official Site  | Facebook | Twitter.

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