MILAN, IT — (06-16-22) — Osvaldo Supino is back and better than ever with his new GOLD M/V, the fresh new dance track and visuals that will have you dancing within the first 45 seconds of this ‘MUST WATCH’ dance track Music Video. The project marks the return of the most awarded and recognized independent Italian artist abroad.

“GOLD”, written and produced by Osvaldo together with Ili (XFactor UK) and Riley Smith, is a overwhelming and exciting pop dance bomb that conquers from the first listen but at the same time contains an important message and becomes a real hymn to tolerance, respect and love for oneself.

Osvaldo Supino-GOLD Music Video-screen clips-2022-jrl-charts-gay music news

Osvaldo Supino-GOLD M/V-screen clips-2022-jrl-charts-gay music news

“It goes beyond any flag color, beyond any genre, but directed at the essence and beauty of each of us.” Osvaldo Supino told JRL CHARTS Gay Music News. “In this song I do not minimize any pain, and my trauma, but I tell it and face it with my head held high, without false compromises. Sometimes it is precisely what has hurt us so deeply and how we get up to make us understand how important we are. for ourselves, how strong we are despite everything, how “golden” we really are.” said Supino.

With GOLD, the multi award-winning artist, who has always been an open and proud manifesto of the LGBTQIA + community, opens up about his most private and personal experiences which have always been the basis of his language with absolute freedom and clarity.

It is no coincidence that Supino dropped his sick new track during Pride month:

“Despite our apparent differences, what we all crave are the same things: love, respect and the freedom to be and do what we are. It is always painful to dig in themselves but certain messages are important, they must be disseminated and you can tell them only with extreme transparency.” said Supino.

Supino has also been chosen by VEVO for Pride Vevo 2022, a campaign which promotes some of the best video clips of the LGBTQIA + community.

The single and video will also be released in Spanish with the title “Lo haré por mi” from 8 July, to testify the new important connection with the Latin public that recently awarded him as Best International Artist at the Hispanic Celebrities Awards in Miami.

Watch Osvaldo Supino – GOLD Official Music Video

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Directed by:
Giovanni Supino

Caravan Video

Artistic Producer:
Osvaldo Supino

Produced by:
Riley Smith

Executive Producers:
Lucas Bordigon
Chiara Valli

Production Companies:
Osvaldo Brands Productions



Run time:
3 Minutes 30 Seconds

Release date:
June 16, 2022

Copyright © 2022 Osvaldo Brands Productions

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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