SEOUL, KR — (06-13-22) — TOV Entertainment’s rookie singer-songwriter ELLY Yu, makes an impressive debut with her new single and music video, ALIVE (2022), the R&B genre track that will have you hooked the minute you press play!

ELLY, a student at Berklee College of Music, is a double major in Contemporary Writing & Production and Performance. He has a background with a native Single Showcase.

“The debut single ALIVE tells the story by connecting a small fish in the Atlantic Ocean called Bluebottle Fish that inhabits the tentacles of jellyfish with their emotional lines. Inspired by the state of this Bluebottle Fish, where a jellyfish continues to lure and live together to prey on this little fish, and continues to feed it in a desire to get closer, deceived by the beautiful light and stability of the jellyfish. went.

ALIVE is an R&B genre that combines attractive E.P and dreamy PAD sounds, adding trendyness with trap hi-hat rhythm and unique percussion, and using synth bass as the main bass to create the overall mood of the song!” – TOV Entertainment

Watch ELLY – ALIVE M/V (2022)

Official Website

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Videography by:
Pang Producer

LI Art Designer:
A Lian


Prop Master:
Tian Lei

Liu Huan

Video Editing:

Executive Producer:
Kyle Yoon

Record Label:
TOV Entertainment

Distributed by:
Genie Music
Stone Music Entertainment

Country of Origin:

English | Korean

Run time:
2 mins 49 secs

Release date:
June 12, 2022

Copyright © 2022 TOV Entertainment

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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