LAS VEGAS — (04-18-22) — After setting the web a blaze last week with the debut of Monster Cock Model JM, Executive Producer VeoVerga unveils Sexy LatinBoyz Model ZAK (2022).  The 19 year-old Colombian that stands at 5’6″ and packing one delicious monster cock, is eager to display his exhibition skills for the LatinBoyz cameras in his debut performance!

Sexy LatinBoyz Model ZAK-gay-porn-Screen Clips-2022-JRL-CHARTS

Sexy LatinBoyz Model ZAK-gay-porn-Screen Clips-2022-JRL-CHARTS

“Zak considers himself straight but said, “I am heterosexual. But I am not going to deny that on occasions I get curious and like to experiment with a little bit everything. If I end up with a guy I like to be the top and at the same time dominant, to make him become my slave while we are having sex.” We also found it interesting that he likes stimulating his gooch (the area between the ass hole and dick) when jacking off.” – VeoVerga

Newcomer Model Zak joins the ranks of Latin twink Monster Cock JM, LatinBoyz Model Nathan (2022),  LatinBoyz Model Augustin (2022), LatinBoyz Versatile Newcomer Alejandro (2022), 18 year-old Big Dick Latin twink LEXX (2022), Newcomer Model MARCUZ (2022) and Thick Cock Latin Twink CIELO (2022).

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Sexy LatinBoyz Model ZAK-gay-porn-gallery-2022-jrl-charts

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April 12, 2022

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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