LAS VEGAS — (03-30-22) — Helix Studios and multi award-winning director Alex Roman deliver 18-25 genre lovers the ultimate in raw lust in ‘Boyfriend to the Rescue (2022) starring Sam Ledger and Aiden Garcia. Now if you thought Helix Studios gay erotica production of Helix Studios RIDE DVD (2022), Hotel Helix DVD (2022) and Sweethearts DVD (2022), are real-time collector’s items, wait til’ you get a load off on Sam Ledger and Aiden Garcia in Boyfriend to the Rescue (2022) on Digital.

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“Sexy twink, Sam Ledger had a rough day at work to say the least; but, his beautiful bf, Aiden Garcia just happened to set up the perfect, pick me up- surprise, which is the perfect pants dropper! Lil’ Ledger completely gives himself to Garcia; and, that gorgeous, girthy gift starts with his cock! Aiden eats the dude’s delicious dick like a hottie in heat, before standing up, and allowing his boy to do the same.

Already raging hard, Aiden, and Sam work in tandem to get his tight drawers down over that incredible, uncut cock. Ledger leaps at the extra large lusty loin, and goes DEEP, downing that D like a thirsty demon. During the deliciously perfect, porny process, Garcia reaches back, and feels the boy’s beautiful booty; then, he dives in tongue first. Once he’s worked his guy’s backside into a “fuck me please” frenzy, Aiden takes aim.

What follows is a ferocious, five alarm fire-hot fuck that is twink porn perfection! Aiden slides ALL the way in, and ALL the way out at points, giving us glorious views of Sam’s smokin’ hot hole, and his extra colossal cock!” – Alex Roman

Helix Studios exclusives Sam Ledger and Aiden Garcia starring in the Boyfriend to the Rescue (2022) bareback production made its debut on March 23, 2022.

Watch Boyfriend to the Rescue NSFW Trailer

Boyfriend to the Rescue-Helix Studios-gay porn movie trailer

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Directed by:
Alex Roman (D.G.A)

Film Editing by:
Trillian Nicole

Casey Roman

Executive Producer:
Keith Miller

Production companies:
Helix Studios

Distributed by:
Helix Studios Direct
13 Red Media



Run time:
30 Minutes

Digital Release Date:
March 23, 2022

Copyright © 2022 13 Red Media

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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