LOS ANGELES — (02-10-22) — The next generation of Cybersocket rolls out an instant hit with its new ‘Ask Chad! Advice Column.  According to the official ‘Ask Chad! Advice Column Platform, “Users can send their questions about love and dating, fashion, careers and sex. No question is off the table.”

“Who is Chad?” you ask…”Chad, the ‘Queen of Queeries,’ is Cybersocket’s in-house know-it-all. Depending on his mood and how much he’s had to drink, he could be naughty or nice. Chad is that guy; part douche, part dick, all sass.”

Review Cybersocket’s Ask Chad! Advice Column and submit your question directly to chad@cybersocket.com or social@cybersocket.com.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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