MONTREAL, QC — (01-19-22) — Dante Colle, Quin Quire, Johnny Hill, Elye Black, Donte Thick, Carter Woods, Lance Weber and Aspen star in ‘You Owe Me DVD (2022), a Rocco Fallon film. Pulse Distribution unleashed the official NSFW trailer for Next Door Raw’s gay porn feature film on January 19th for retailers review!

Rocco Fallon's You Owe Me DVD-screen clips-next-door-raw-2022

Rocco Fallon’s You Owe Me DVD-screen clips-next-door-raw-2022

After a successful run on Video On Demand, the multi award-winning Next Door Studios are  now gearing up to release Rocco Fallon’s ‘You Owe Me’ (2022) in brick and mortar stores worldwide.

“Quin Quire is spying a random window when he happens upon Dante Colle getting dressed from the shower, he can’t help but watch. When Dante notices, he’s understandably pissed, but Quin doesn’t waver, locking eyes with Dante and staring into the depths of his passion.

While his roommate naps, Elye Black tries to secretly explore his anal fantasies with his giant secret dildo, but roomie Johnny Hill catches him in the act. Elye’s pretty embarrassed until Johnny tells him the only thing he should be embarrassed about is messing with a dildo when the real thing is right here in front of him.

You Owe Me DVD-backcover-Next-Door-Raw-Pulse

When he returns home from his business trip to find his place thrashed. Pissed and venting, Donte Thick tells Carter Woods his house-sitter he’s gonna have to owe him, and Donte has a particular favor in mind when he says it. Meeting new pledge Lance Weber for the first time, chapter prefect Aspen has to admit he’s less than impressed. But once there, his opinion of Lance changes immediately, as the new pledge shows off the skills that earned him such strong consideration”

Pulse Distribution will begin shipping to brick and mortar stores nationwide on February 1, 2022.

Watch – You Owe Me DVD NSFW Trailer

Rocco Fallon's You Owe Me DVD-gay-porn-movie-trailer-2022

Rocco Fallon’s You Owe Me DVD-gay-porn-movie-trailer-2022

Directed by:
Rocco Fallon

Production companies:
Next Door Studios

Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution

Next Door Studios:
Official Website | VoD

Follow Next Door Studios:
Twitter | YouTube

Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)



Ship Date:
February 1, 2022

Street Date:
February 8, 2022

Retailers can get ordering information on the You Owe Me DVD by contacting Pulse Distribution’s Vice President of Sales, Andrew Quaintance at 1+818-435-1604 | Fax 1+818-435-1602 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Skype: Andrew_Pulse.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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