HONG KONG — (10-11-21) — LGBT Hip Hop artist Joshua Su, also known as The G3sha, drops his sick new ‘BOYS’ Official Music Video.  An upbeat track that will have fans bookmarking it within seconds.  The Singapore rapper who resides in Hong Kong and I can’t wait until we see him on American shores performing his sick new ‘BOYS’ track.

the g3sha-BOYS Music Video-screen-clips-So-Hungry-Entertainment-2021-JRL-CHARTS

the g3sha-BOYS M/V-screen-clips-So-Hungry-Entertainment-2021-JRL-CHARTS

Su wrote on his YouTube page the following message for his fans:

“When i wrote ‘BOYS’ i was not aware of the words “Fag hag” being offensive to many. I should have done my proper research before including those words in my lyrics. I sincerely apologise. Moving forward, i would be more meticulous in researching and understanding words and jargons, before including them in my songs. Women are the backbone of our society and must be respected at every opportunity.” – the g3sha

Watch The g3sha – BOYS Official Music Video

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Written by:
the g3sha

Directed by:
Mocha Diva

Director of Cinematography:
Jazzie Sillona

Film Editing by:
Jazzie Sillona

Art Direction:
Mocha Diva

Produced by:
Mocha Diva
Jazzie Sillona

So Hunger Entertainment

Run time:
3 mins 28 secs

Release date:
September 2, 2021

Copyright © 2021 So Hungry Entertainment

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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