PENNSAUKEN, NJ — (06-07-21) — Williams Trading University is pleased to announce the addition of the new Nasstoys: Secrets Orgasmic Spots health and wellness course module on the Sexual Health & Wellness platform.

Sponsored by Nasstoys, Nasstoys: Secret Orgasmic Spots focuses on areas of intimate anatomy that retailers can share with their customers. While a few are fairly well-known – for instance, the G-Spot, prostate, and clitoris – others like the A-Spot and the K-spot might be completely new to retailers, let alone the average consumer.

Nasstoys Secret Orgasmic Spots-Health and Wellness Course

As previous courses have already pointed out, orgasms contribute to physical, emotional, and psychological wellness; being able to identify and understand lesser-known pleasure areas of both male and female anatomy will allow retailers to connect customers with products that meet their needs, as well as show that they possess a solid foundation of knowledge that will help gain a consumer’s trust.

Dr. Sunny Rodgers, an accredited expert who has helped research, write and produce a number of health & wellness courses for the Sexual Health & Wellness platform, invites e-Learners to discover ‘secret’ orgasmic spots and how they are best accessed and stimulated, both manually and with specific toys, using several products from sponsor Nasstoys as examples.

Dr. Sunny takes what could potentially be a dry anatomical lesson and makes it fun and engaging with her signature sunny personality and her clear love for the retail side of this industry.

“One reason I love retailers is because they always are able to share secrets about products and such valuable information,” says Dr. Sunny. “The ‘secrets’ and knowledge in this Nasstoys course are so valuable to end consumers and are sure to give retail staff new insights to share.”

Retailers will benefit from Dr. Sunny’s knowledge, and the product examples from Nasstoys that are used in this course underscore each ‘secret’ spot and how it is best stimulated.

“Unlike the regular WTU courses, the modules found on the Health & Wellness platform focus on topics that retailers might encounter from their customers. Products within the course are not the focus, but serve to highlight the material,” says Rachel M, who helps coordinate Williams Trading University’s course modules. “Nasstoys worked so well as a sponsor for this particular course, as they had products that really suited the material.”

With over 40 years in the adult pleasure product industry, Nasstoys is a well-known brand, and a natural choice to create a health & wellness course – especially one that retailers will find to be helpful in their interactions with consumers.

“[W]orking with Elliot and his team at Nasstoys, along with the WTU Sexual Health and Wellness Channel, made this course an absolute delight to be a part of,” comments Dr. Sunny, and the team at Williams Trading Co agrees.

“I feel that these courses are so valuable to the retailer, and working with both Dr. Sunny and Nasstoys on this particular module was incredibly satisfying,” says Rachel M. “It came together very quickly and smoothly, and is packed with a lot of great information that I hope retailers find helps them in their interactions with customers.”

In order to help retailers further, this course contains a downloadable reference sheet that highlights key points of the module, as well as contains links for additional information on the subject. At the end of the course, users will be invited to take a short quiz to test what they have learned, and upon passing, register their completion.

Each registration earns the user an entry into a prize drawing.

The Williams Trading University team developed the Sexual Health & Wellness Channel as a platform to educate learners on topics that are at the forefront of consumer interest, as the taboos surrounding sex are slowly being eradicated by a strengthening presence in mainstream media.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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