THE NETHERLANDS — (04-25-21) — My Dirtiest Fantasy is back to drop the mic with Master Aaron, Daniel Karrington, Pierre Rubberax Jarred Bornet , Leo Marco and Scott Miller in Boys In Rope DVD (2021).  My Dirtiest Fantasy director Tommy Treasure delivers nearly 2 hours of non-stop BDSM Action!

My Dirtiest Fantasy-Boys in Rope DVD-gay-porn-bondage-2021-04-25-JRL-CHARTS

My Dirtiest Fantasy-Boys in Rope DVD-gay-porn-bondage-2021-04-25-JRL-CHARTS-03

My Dirtiest Fantasy-Boys in Rope DVD-gay-porn-bondage-2021-04-25-JRL-CHARTS-04

“Pierre’s torment is only getting started with Scott Miller, as his legs are soon tied up and away exposing his hole which Scott is soon filling with toys before brutally fucking the boys hole! Needless to say Pierre gets some pleasure out of this as soon his body is mummified whilst his master strokes his cock! But it’s not pain without gain for Jarred, as he’s not in need of much punishment from Leo! Soon he’s tied down with his legs spread exposed for Leo to go all in! However, Pierre’s torment isn’t over just yet, as soon he’s paired with Master Aaron who will push the boy to the limit!”

Timmy Treasure delivers nearly two hours of nonstop raunchy gay bondage exclusively online!

Watch – Boys In Rope Official NSFW Trailer

My Dirtiest Fantasy-Boys in Rope DVD-gay-porn-bondage-movie-trailer

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My Dirtiest Fantasy

My Dirtiest Fantasy:
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Distributed by:
Homoactive (DVD) (Digital) (Europe)
STAXUS Sales  (DVD) (Digital) (Europe)
Vimpex Media (DVD) (Europe)
RAD Video (DVD) (Digital) (USA)



Run time:
103 Minutes

Online Release Date:
April 20, 2021

UPC Code:
8-718104 017542

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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