LOS ANGELES — (12-21-20) — The Latinboyz Network proudly introduces 19 year-old monster cock newcomer Lleno.  Director of Photography VeoVerga unveiled the 19 year-old Colombian that is packing more cock than you could possibly imagine!

“After completing is compulsory one year of military service, as you can tell from his serious demeanor, 19 year old Lleno needed to make some money fast. Obviously from his preview photos you can tell he has a huge curved Latin cock. In addition to this he enjoys showing it off. So, Lleno sent us a photo of that beautiful curved dick and a couple days later he came over to do his photo session. Like all horny 19 year old Latinos he is a very horny guy. Most guys brag about how big their cum shots are but in Lleno’s case he underplayed just how big it would be. It shot as far as 6 feet in front of his body and our camera man almost missed it! And for those of you that like hairy asses you will be happy with Lleno’s furry culo.”

Latinboyz Monster Package Newcomer Lleno First Look-2020-12-20-JRL-CHARTS-002

Latinboyz Monster Package Newcomer Lleno First Look-2020-12-20-JRL-CHARTS-003

Latinboyz Monster Package Newcomer Lleno First Look-2020-12-20-JRL-CHARTS-004

Review the jaw dropping photoshoot of LatinBoyz Monster Cock twink Lleno exclusively on the Latinboyz Network.

Review LatinBoyz Model Lleno

LatinBoyz Model Lleno-gay-porn-photoshoot-2020-12-21-JRL-CHARTS

LatinBoyz Model Lleno-gay-porn-photoshoot-2020-12-21-JRL-CHARTS

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December 20, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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