LAS VEGAS — (11-29-20) — Prepare yourself but ‘Return of Helix Academy: Chapter 2’ debuts with Helix Studios exclusives Trevor Harris and Eli Bennet.  Directed by Alex Roman and written by Heidi Moore, ‘Return to Helix Academy 2’ delivers a bareback Flip-Fuck production that is sure to deliver impressive numbers  for Helix Studios and 13 Red Media.

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Return to Helix Academy Chapter 2 - Helix Studios - 2020-11-29-jrl-charts-003

“Back at the Good Friday party, Riley let’s Eli know Trevor took off with Alex a whiiiile ago. Eli assumes Trevor’s just buying weed or something, but we all know what he’s up to. Feeling a bit lonely, Eli calls Travis for what seems like the millionth time without an answer. Kane decides to shoot his shot, and offers to help “take his mind off of things,” but Eli’s really not in the mood!

Alex takes off out of town, bummed that Trevor will be going to the Get Fucked party without him. Trevor doesn’t seem to be worried about it, he’s too busy fantasizing about Eli.”

Helix Studios premiered Trevor Harris and Eli Bennet in ‘Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 2’ on November 27, 2020.

Watch – Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 2

Return to Helix Academy-Chapter 2-gay-porn-trailer

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Directed by:
Alex Roman

Written by:
Heidi Moore

Film Editing by:
Trillian Nicole

Casey Roman

Executive Producer:
Keith Miller

Production companies:
Helix Studios

Distributed by:
Helix Studios Direct
13 Red Media



Run time:
27 Minutes

Digital Release Date:
November 27, 2020

Copyright © 2020 Helix Studios/13 Red Media

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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