ATLANTA, GA — (11-16-20) — Really American Super PAC have launched its attack campaign, #CorruptKelly.  The name of their new attack campaign against incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler, the richest person in Congress who is in one of two run-off Senate elections taking place in January.

In a new video released by the Really American Super PAC, the ad says…”Corrupt Senator Kelly Loeffler, the richest person in Congress, bought a private jet with our tax money. While Georgia’s working class tax payers struggle during the pandemic, Kelly flies around in luxury on their dime.”

Really American Super PAC released the following statement pertaining to the Video:

“The video showcases Senator Kelly Lynn Loeffler’s use of taxpayer funds to purchase a $24 million private jet used for personal travel. Super PAC Really American has launched its first in a series of upcoming new attack ads targeting Georgia’s two upcoming Senate runoff races.

The new video highlights the purchase of a $24 million jet by Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler. In the video, Really American exposes the purchase of the private jet, acquired via one of Loeffler’s shell companies. Loeffler used a tax loophole in Donald Trump’s tax bill which allowed her to deduct 100% of the purchase price from her tax bill.

As the video notes, that purchase means “Georgia’s working-class taxpayers paid for a Senator worth half a billion dollars to fly around in luxury, all of this despite her constituents barely hanging on during the pandemic.”

After tweeting it to its social media platforms, it is sure to be picked up by the national opinion shows on cable news.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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