Wasserbillig, GR — (09-03-20) — Pjur continues to take us into the next generation with the launch of its ‘Digital Days’ in its Virtual Erofame Booth in October.

The Lubricant/disinfectant manufacturer plans to hold its first-ever “Digital Days” October 14–16, 2020, an event that is intended to be a platform that connects the company with its partners worldwide, independent of travel, place and time zones.

The program will offer discussions, new ideas for businesses and information for pjur customers and partners.

“We want to make a positive contribution and provide our customers with an attractive, entertaining offering that is both informative and fun,” said Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur.

Pjur is offering four main reasons to sign up to pjur Digital Days:

(1) Expert talks: The program will include trending topics such as online marketing, brand management, sales tips and tricks, and brand spaces, as well as the topic of “medical devices” and much more.

(2) Success stories on- and offline: Attendees may listen to the success stories of well-known companies in the adult industry and learn from them.

(3) Behind the scenes: Attendees may gain insights into the headquarters of the pjur group. “We’re putting the spotlight on the people behind our success, giving you the chance to experience day-to-day working life at our global company,” said Giebel.

(4) Networking & socializing: To mark pjur’s anniversary, attendees will have the opportunity to network digitally, toast a further 25 years of pjur—and win prizes.

Retailers can register by Clicking Here

Adult retailers can get more information  by contacting pjur via +352 – 748989 | Fax: +352 – 748990 | EMAIL.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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