HOLLYWOOD, CA — (07-21-20) — IFC Midnight “SPUTNIK” trailer goes viral within its first hour of its release. Every movie trailer channel on YouTube were quick to upload the Russian filmmaker Egor Abramenko’s feature debut, a sci-fi thriller with the stately echoes of Ridley Scott’s classic movie “Alien”.

“SPUTNIK” (2020) stars Oksana Akinshina, Fedor Bondarchuk (Attraction) and Pyotr Fyodorov. The sci-fi horror thriller was written by Oleg Malovichko and Andrei Zolotarev.

Sputnik (2020) Official Poster - IFC Midnight

Sputnik (2020) Official Poster – IFC Midnight

“At the height of the Cold War, a Soviet spacecraft crash lands after a mission gone awry, leaving the commander as its only survivor. After a renowned Russian psychologist is brought in to evaluate the commander’s mental state, it becomes clear that something dangerous may have come back to Earth with him.”

The promotions department at IFC Films confirmed to the JRL CHARTS Movie News division that IFC Midnight’ SPUTNIK thriller will be released to select theaters and VOD on August 14, 2020.

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Horror | Sci-Fi

Official Website

Directed by:
Egor Abramenko

Written by:
Oleg Malovichko
Andrei Zolotarev

Cinematography by:
Maxim Zhukov

Music by:
Oleg Karpachev

Executive Producer:
Michael Kitaev

Produced by:
Aleksandr Andryushchenko
Fedor Bondarchuk
Pavel Burya
Vyacheslav Murugov
Murad Osmann
Ilya Stewart
Mikhail Vrubel

Production Companies:
Art Pictures Studio
Hype Film
Vodorod (post-production)

IFC Midnight (2020) (USA) (all media)
KinoVista (2020) (France) (all media)
XYZ Films (2020) (USA) (all media)

Run time:
113 Minutes


Russian (English Subtitles)

Release date:
August 14, 2020

© 2020 –IFC Midnight in association Egor Abramenko

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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