NEW YORK, NY — (07-14-20) — Gorgeous up and coming teenage pop sensation Isaac Dunbar’s new “Makeup Draw” MV debuts at #25 on the Gay Music Chart Week 28.

The RCA Records artist wanted to show you just how glam he can be with his brand new single written, produced and performed by Isaac Dunbar!

In the self-written, self-produced track, Dunbar sings to the people who made him feel less than through the analogy of makeup, telling those peeps…

“I shattered mirrors to cope/ You made me hate what I saw,” before triumphantly declaring that he was be whoever he felt like being. “And I know where you’ll be/ You locked the door to my makeup drawer,” he sings in the song’s infectious chorus. “And you know where I’ll be/ Rummage galore through my makeup drawer.”

Dunbar released a statement posted to his Instagram explaining that he’d been waiting to release “Makeup Drawer” so that he could share his feelings about his experience with homophobia.

“I’ve waited 2 YEARRRRS for this song to come out,” he wrote. “This song is about the struggle i had my whole life with internalized homophobia. My sexuality was outed by someone I thought I could trust most. I hated myself because I was not surrounded by the right support system at the time. Now two years later, I’m finally ready to share my experiences and any sort of wisdom I have regarding self love and acceptance.”

Watch Isaac Dunbar – makeup drawer MV

Download Isaac’s new EP ‘isaac’s insects’

Pop Music

Isaac’s Insects

Choreography by:
Will Loftis

Jasper Soloff

Director of Photography:
Tyler Weinberger

Edited by:
Cal Laird

Production Design:
Taylor Almodovar

Sam Cohan

Production Companies:

Executive Producers:
Jesy Odio
Evan Brown

Makeup Drawer Music Credits:
Written by: Isaac Dunbar
Mixed by: Andrew Maury
Produced by: Isaac Dunbar

Official Website Isaac Dunbar

Follow Isaac Dunbar:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Record Label:
RCA Records



Run time:
3 Minutes 4 Seconds

Release date:
February 20, 2020

Copyright © 2020 RCA Records/Sony Corporation of America

Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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