HOLLYWOOD — (01-22-20) – Alex Rider (2020) official trailer starring Otto Farrant, is Andreas Prochaska upcoming eight-part action comedy television series.

Eight-part series is based on Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider spy novel series.

Sexy 23 year-old Otto Farrant is joined by fellow actors Ronke Adekoluejo, Haluk Bilginer and Vicky McClure in Alex Rider.  The series is jointly produced by Eleventh Hour Films and Sony Pictures Television.

“When Alex Rider learns that his Uncle Ian was killed in the line of duty as a British spy – and not a car accident like he’s been told – everything changes for this otherwise normal teen.

Alex is soon approached by Alan Blunt, head of a top-secret offshoot of MI6 known as The Department, who reveals that he’s been unknowingly trained since childhood for the dangerous world of espionage. Pressured to leave his old life behind, Alex goes undercover to investigate the connection between the deaths of two billionaires and a remote boarding school called Point Blanc.

Upon arrival, he discovers that the students are subjects in the megalomania-cal school director’s plan led to gain control of their families’ business empires. Aided by his classmate Kyra, best friend Tom, and his au pair Jack, Alex exposes the plot’s global network and begins his career as MI6’s youngest covert asset.”

Sony Pictures Television has yet to announce the release date for Alex Rider but as soon as they do, we will bring it to you.

Watch Alex Rider Official Trailer

Cast:  Otto Farrant | Ronke Adekoluejo |  Haluk BilginerVicky McClure

genres: action | comedy

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Created by: Guy Burt

Directed by: Andreas Prochaska

Series Cinematography by: Ben Wheeler

Series Film Editing by: Richard Smither

Based on the novel Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz

Executive producer: Anthony Horowitz

Producer(s): Mat Chaplin | Angie Daniell

Series Music by: Raffertie

Series Casting By: Gary Davy

Production co: Eleventh Hour Films | ITV – Independent Television

Distributed by: Sony Pictures Television

Country: United Kingdom | United States

Language: English

Release date: TBA

© 2020 Sony Pictures Television

Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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