LOS ANGELES — (10-01-19) — (Gay News) (Pop Music) — Heartthrob Charlie Puth drops his sick new “Cheating on You” Music Video. The new video directed by Tyler Yee premiered today and within its first 5 hours of release, it has garnered over 489,000 views.

The “Cheating on You” song is the follow up to his blockbuster hit “I Warned Myself”, released by in August. Charlie is sure to impress the voters on the LGBTQ Music Chart UK as well as the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Tyler Yee directs Charlie Puth New “Cheating on You” Video

Charlie Puth says that he regrets letting a special someone go in his sick new love song, “Cheating on You”.

Puth once again drops his soaring vocals for his LGBTQ and Hetero fans that can never get enough of listening to Charlie Puth. The cover art for the “Cheating on You” song reads…”This song is not about a person, it’s about a feeling I’ve never had.”

Atlantic Records dropped the “Cheating on You” Music Video on Tuesday Oct. 1.

Watch Charlie Puth “Cheating on You” Official Video

Artist: Charlie Puth

genres: Pop Music

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Directed by: Tyler Yee

Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu

Edited by: Steven Salgado | Tyler Yee

Record Label: Atlantic Records

Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 3 Minutes 21 Seconds

Release date: October 1, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Atlantic Records

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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