NATIONAL CITY, CA — (08-26-19) — Multi award-winning Hankey’s Toys, debuts its newest fantasy piece, the Oni, an ogre-like demon with a cock to match.

“The One piece features a truly unparalleled design,” Founder and President of Hankey’s Toys Michael Mickey, told JRL CHARTS..”Every artistic detail is placed strategically in all the right spots of the Fantasy Silicone Oni,” said Mickey.

Hankey’s Toys Unveils the Fantasy Silicone Oni



Meet Oni, the ogre-like demon with a cock to match! Ready to split you in two, summon Oni tonight, he’ll show up when you least expect it. Pushing you down on all fours as he grabs you from behind – you won’t get away now…get ready.

The Oni enters you with one quick thrust, with the intent to destroy. Pounding you with no mercy until you submit to the relentless thrusting and only until he has decided he is done with you…he’ll pull out slowly leaving you wasted and ruined, too tired to move and implanted with his demon seed.

This is an absolute gorgeous toy, very well done – a true piece of art! We are very proud of this design and the results of all the hard work that went into creating this masterpiece. Get your Oni today, you won’t be disappointed!

Oni Four-Sizes-Collection by Hankey's Toys

Oni Four-Sizes-Collection by Hankey’s Toys

Now retailers make sure to let your customers know that the Oni sex toy range is available in 4 sizes and is best-used solo or with a partner using hands or sex machine.

But should not stand on its own. Plus due to the curvature of the shaft, the Oni may not be the best toy for strictly sit-on play.

I hope to catch the next episode of Hankey’s Toys hosted by Justin on YouTube, that will feature the Oni.

With Hankey’s Toys unleashing the Ray Diesel Giant Cock Collection, their fresh new BreedR’ Cum Lube, one of my personal favorite collections, the NIck Capra Dildo range, Hankey’s Board of Directors are sure to be impressed with third quarter numbers in both wholesale and retail.

Consumers can check out the Oni exclusively on the Hankey’s Toys Online Superstore.

Distributors and adult store buyers can get ordering information on the Oni Range by Clicking Here |  Clicking Here | EMAIL | Instagram | Reddit | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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