SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — (08-23-19) — Watch 22 year-old Jang Dae-hyeon premier his first solo song and music video, “Feel Good” from OUI Entertainment.

After weeks of teasing K-pop fans and his fan base from his membership in the former 22 year-old k-pop idol Jang Dae-hyeon and OUI Entertainment, released the official “Feel Good” music video on August 23 with huge fan fair.

The “Feel Good” title song is a sick rhythmic R&B-based POP song featuring a plump piano line and an enticing rhythm drum beat. With Jang Dae-hyun’s rap skills and his emotional and hypnotic vocals, combine to create a mesmerizing dance track that is sure to catapult into the Top 10 of k-pop and pop charts worldwide.

This is Jang Dae-hyeon’ solo debut and already he is sparking fans on a global scale with his new “Feel Good” Music Video, which was

OUI Entertainment has big plans for Jang Dae-hyeon and we are sure to see him drive his LGBTQ fan base insane.

Watch Jang Dae-heyeon’ “Feel Good” Official Music Video

Artist: Jang Dae-hyeon

genres: R&B | K-Pop

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Country: Korea

Language: Korean | English

Release date: August 23, 2019

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Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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