SEOUL, KR — (06-14-19) — SM Entertainment artist LAY has just dropped his long awaited ‘Honey’ MV.  The popular K-pop Hip-hop artist brings it in the ‘Honey’ MV with his sick dance moves backed up by a sick dance crew.

Did I mention LAY shows off that smooth body of his in the ‘Honey MV’?

SM Entertainment came out the box on the production budget for the ‘Honey MV’ and judging by the views it is already generating after just a few hours of release, LAY and SM Entertainment are in for another hit both on the BillBoard Hip Hop Chart in the USA and the Billboard Korea Top 100 Chart.

Watch 'Honey MV' by LAY - Sick New Hip-Hop track by SM Town

Watch ‘Honey MV’ by LAY – Sick New Hip-Hop track by SM Town

SM Entertainment Drops ‘Honey MV’ by LAY Zhang

LAY’s new EP, “Honey,” was released by SM Entertainment on June 14, 2019, in conjunction with the release of the ‘Honey MV’.

Zhang will embark on his first tour, “Grand Line“, which spans four dates in July 2019

Cast: Lay Zhang

genres: Hip Hop Music

Written by: Lay Zhang | Blaq Tuxedo | DJ White Shadow

Composed by: Lay Zhang | Dominique Logan | Darius Logan | Swiff D | DJ White Shadow

Produced by: LAY

Album: Honey (2019)

LAY: Official Website

Follow LAY on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Record Label: Lay Zhang Studio | SM Entertainment

Distributed by: SM Entertainment

Run time: 3 Minutes 3 Seconds

Country: Korea | USA

Language: English

Release date: June 14, 2019

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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