AUSTRALIA — (02-25-19) — Superstar Pop singer and songwriter Courtney Act, breaks into the International Gay Music Chart Top 10 with Fight For Love, weekending Feb.24. Courtney Act made a name for herself as a fierce activist for LGBTQ rights and her continued activism supporting our LGBTQ community continues to expand worldwide.

Courtney Act released The “Fight for Love” song on 19 December 2018, for her entry into the Eurovision: Australia Decides final.

This week Courtney Act breaks into the Gay Music Chart Top 10 – Up 13 points to land at No.7.

Cast: Courtney Act

Jade Quirici | Darci O’Rourke | Kyra Dooley
Jake Edwards | Tom Anastopoulos | Jeremy Santos

Courtney Act: Official Website

Fight For Love Digital Downloads: Deezer | iHeartRadio | Spotify

genres: Pop Music | Electric Pop Music

Courtney Act: Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube

Written by: Shane Jenek | Sky Adams | Danny Shah | Filly Adams

Directed by: Natasha Foster | Erin Fairs

Director of Photography: Dale Bremner

Produced by: Brooke Lagana

Production Assistants: Maggie Lovegrove | Caiti Galwey

Art Director Assistants: Angelica Madani | Marco Ocampo

Length: 2 Minutes 56 Seconds

Release date: 18 December 2018

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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