CHATSWORTH, CA — (02-19-19) — The heat is boiling now that Pulse Distribution has announced the release date of CHEATERS (2019) starring gay porn stars Alex Mecum, Dante Cole, Diego Sans and D.O. This must see gay erotica feature film also stars Ryan Bone, Thyle Knoxx and the one and only, William Seed.

From the producers of Sacred Band of Thebes,  Men Entertainment have assembled an outstanding luscious cast for CHEATERS that is sure to generate huge numbers for adult store arcades and, video on demand gay porn junkies.

Cheaters (2019) Dante-Colle-Thyle-Knoxx-Mendotcom

Cheaters (2019) Dante-Colle-Thyle-Knoxx-Mendotcom

“Diego gets an anonymous phone call about his boyfriend William cheating on him. He devises a plan to catch him in the act. Watch what happens when he does. Alex is obsessed with Davey Wavey and Thyle isn’t too pleased. Thyle informs him that a mutual friend met Davey via a popular dating app. Alex wonders if he too could get a chance encounter but little does he know it’s all a setup. Thyle has a little surprise planned for him.

Tall, slender Thyle Knoxx has been crushing on his new neighbor, dark and handsome Dante Cole, since he first noticed him. Blue-eyed Thyle devises a plan to impersonate his wife with a realistic bodysuit and sneaks into the house to wait for tattooed Dante to get home. Chiseled Dante is pleasantly surprised to find his wife waiting for him in bed until he realizes it’s actually his neighbor, Thyle! Horny Dante decides to give in to his curiosity, and pleases his big, thick cock with Thyle’s slobbering mouth and tight hole.”

That is just a taste of what you are going to get in Entertainment’ CHEATERS on DVD and VOD.

Pulse Distribution has set the release date for CHEATERS on March 5, 2019. For the EU market, Vimpex Gay Media will begin shipping the ‘MUST STOCK’ gay erotica feature film on February 26, 2019.

Cast: Alex Mecum|Dante Cole|Diego Sans|D.O.|Ryan Bone|Thyle Knoxx|William Seed

genres: Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Hairy | Jocks | Muscles | Power Bottoms

Production co: Men Entertainment

Cheaters DVD (2019) Men-Pulse

Cheaters DVD (2019) Men-Pulse

Official Website | Video on Demand

Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

Ship date (US): March 5, 2019

Ship date:(EU): February 26, 2019

UPC: 8-56559 02288-4

Wholesale information:

Andrew Quaintance
Pulse Distribution (US)
1+818-435-1604 | Fax 1+818-435-1602
EMAIL | Skype: Andrew_Pulse

Thomas Hummel | Torsten Hummel
Vimpex Gay Media GbR (EU)
+49 (0)4192 81690-0 | Fax: +49 (0)4192 81690-22

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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