LAS VEGAS — (01-31-19) — Gay adult film superstar Blake Mitchell has announced his exit from Helix Studios after a stellar career in the gay adult film industry.

Over the past several years Blake Mitchell has been one of the most recognizable gay porn stars on a global scale. However Blake Mitchell has said that its time to exit while on top.

Mitchell has been an exclusive of multi award-winning Helix Studios for the past four years and the news has taken his Helix fan base by surprise with his announcement.

His performances in gay porn blockbusters such as Real Sex: Behind the Scenes, A Long Time Coming co-starring Helix Studios exclusive Marcell Tykes.   Not to mention Dicked By Blake Mitchell co-starring gay twink Helix exclusive Tyler Hill.  The multi award-winning Lifeguard, Mine co-starring Helix exclusive superstar Joey Mills, and – my personal favorite, Protein, where Blake Mitchell delivers an impressive bottom performance with co-star Corbin Colby.

Review Blake Mitchell’s entire collection of stunning and stimulating gay twink porn exclusively on the Helix Studios Network.

Blake Mitchell started his gay adult film career at the tender age of 18 as a webcam model. After capturing a huge fan base, he caught the attention of powerhouse Helix Studios where he was immediately signed to an exclusive contract.

Expanding his career with the success of his deal with Helix, he has appeared several times on YouTube superstar Davey Wavey’s gay erotica network, Himeros.TV.

Mitchell announced his exit from Helix on Wednesday Jan.29 on social media saying that he “needs room to grow”, therefore he’s leaving Helix Studios.

Blake Mitchell Posted the following on January 29, 2019:

His fans and colleagues took to Twitter instantanously to wish him well and success in his next venture.

Even Helix Studios founder and President of Helix Studios

On behalf of the staff and management of JRL CHARTS, you will be missed Blake Mitchell.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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