POMPANO BEACH, FL — (11-14-18) — Alex Arbor whom you know under the stage name of Mike Reed on the ASG label, takes the lead in Eager Straight Boys from director Shane Aaron.

Aaron takes gay amateur porn fans back to its roots with this phenomenal production of enticing, baiting, seducing and having them to the climax of astonishment. Guru Shane Aaron lined up a superb cast for Eager Straight boys including, Chance Armstrong, Clay, Elijah Sexton, Jesse McClean and Mason Ridge.

Now while the nearly 3 hour production will keep str8 gay porn genre fans glued to their screens, Alex Arbor will definitely be the eye catcher in Eager Straight Boys. Complete with the blond hair, muscle downed body wrapped in a suit that is disrobed!

“I have to admit that I went completely out of my way in order to recruit Alex Arbor.” said Shane Aaron. “But this 19 year old has such a great face and an athletic bod, I just couldn’t help myself,” said Aaron.

Eager Straight Boys - Alex-Arbor-nsfw-4-Raunchy-Bastards-111418-JRL-CHARTS

Eager Straight Boys - nsfw-1-111418-RaunchyBastards-JRL-CHARTS

Eager Straight Boys - nsfw-2-111418-Raunchy-Bastards-JRL-CHARTS

“When a young man turns 18, one of his first thoughts, naturally, is to do things that he had never previously been allowed to do. In the U.S., since the drinking age is 21, that leaves a horny teen with few prospects outside of voting and opening a bank account. Those are boring, but doing porn, in their minds, is anything but boring. After all, they’ve been jerking off to their favorite starlets and imagining themselves being the stud who is plowing the daylights out of that hot pussy. This eagerness leads to somewhat of a delusion, as well as a blind spot. They are so convinced that they have what it takes, and so fixated upon getting a hot piece of ass, a lot of them will do almost anything to achieve their dream. And if one of these boys happens to meet a guy with a camera and a few cheap lights, then they are easy pickings. This is where Clay comes into the picture. Dangling visions of porn sets and partying with sexy babes, these guys do unimaginable things. They let the creep fondle them; they let him eat their tight pink holes; they learn how to suck cock; and they let the creep fuck their virgin asses. Check out these hot Creeper Casting scenes with some of the cutest guys who want to do porn!”

Eager Straight Boys - Alex-Arbor-nsfw-4-Raunchy-Bastards-movie-trailer

Cast: Alex Arbor|Chance Armstrong | Clay | Elijah Sexton | Jesse McClean | Mason Ridge

genres: Str8 | Straight Boys | Blowjobs | Daddy/Twinks | First Timers | Rimming

Directed: Shane Aaron [Related]

Raunchy Bastards: Official Website

Eager Straight Boys DVD - Raunchy-Bastards - 111418-Pulse-JRL-CHARTSRaunch Bastards: Twitter

Production co: Raunchy Bastards Productions

Distributed by: Pulse Distribution (US)

Distributed by: Vimpex Gay Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Run Time: 3 Hours 10 Minutes

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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