HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — (11-12-18) — Adult distributor wants you to know that they haves everything you need to build a pro-level dungeon in stock and ready for shipment.

“The Dicktator, Kennel and Obedience Sex Bench are impressive pieces and perfect additions to any dungeon – whether it’s DIY or professional level,” said Marketing Specialist Morgan Panzino. “The high-quality construction and bold look make them perfect for kinksters looking to build a comprehensive play collection as well as serious puppy play and connoisseurs of immobilization. Our BDSM furniture collection has been steadily growing and we are thrilled to offer the latest from Master Series.” said Panzino.

According to, each piece is designed to be used on its own but versatile enough to be used together to create almost any scene in need of pro-level restraint, immobilization or penetration.

The Kennel Adjustable Puppy Cage from Master Series immobilizes users’ subs in their favorite positions while providing a durable and padded enclosure. This unique cage features a coated metal enclosure to securely lock up your pup. A removable padded leather-like board that can be left in place for comfortable extended role-play or removed to punish naughty pets. Not to mention movable positioning bars that can be used to prop up the ass, feet, or chin. You may also us it to keep the head, shoulders, and waist pushed down. The Kennel lets users support and restrain their pups to master the exact experience they want every time.

The Obedience Sex Bench from Master Series is made of sturdy steel with comfortable padding for the body, legs, arms, and head to support hours of vigorous play. This ergonomically shaped bench will leave partners exposed for spankings, penetration, or both. With a removable U-shaped headrest, optional straps, easy-to-use quick release buckles, and adjustable arm and leg supports, the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench allows for a fully customizable experience.

The Dicktator Sex Machine from Master Series lets users create their ultimate BDSM sex station by adjusting the powerful penetration machine at almost any height or angle. Mountable onto the Obedience sex bench or perfectly positioned for the Kennel puppy cage, The Dicktator is made of steel, and fully adjustable with a customizable upright stand and a multi-speed dial with speeds ranging from slow and sensual to rapid and ravishing. The Dicktator comes with a compatible TPE dildo with a thick, veiny shape.

Retailers can learn more or place an order, by contacting your preferred representative at at 1+888-261-9646 | International: 1+714-907-1035 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Facebook | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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