TORONTO, CANADA — (10-27-18) — Giant Little Ones is a Canadian drama lgbt themed film starring Josh Wiggins and directed by Keith Behrman. The film also stars Kyle MacLachlan and Maria Bello who portray the parents of a teenage protagonist boy (Josh Wiggins), whose lives are turned upside down after their son and a friend are involved in a gay intimate incident at a party.

This marks Canadian director Keith Behrman’s second feature film. In fact Keith Behrman has picked up major press coverage from The Hollywood Reporter and has scored a 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.





“A Canadian teenager’s life is turned radically upside down after an unanticipated sexual encounter in Giant Little Ones, the second feature from director Keith Behrman (Flower & Garnet). Going from being a popular guy to a much-gossiped-about outcast is almost the least of the protagonist’s problems, as 17-year-old Franky has to figure out things about himself as well as his relationships with his best friend since childhood and his father, who recently left the family to go live with a man. This is a confidently shot and beautifully acted story that manages to transcend quite a few — if clearly not all — of the coming-of-age genre’s cliches by delving into how the Millennial generation experiences sexuality, ostracism and growing up and how they try to relate to their parents and peers. A streaming platform would be the most logical way to reach the film’s target audience, while slightly older viewers could be intrigued by the presence of Maria Bello and Kyle MacLachlan as the lead’s parents.

Franky Winter (Josh Wiggings), with a dark comb over, is best buddies with the lighter-haired Ballas Kohl (Darren Mann). Both are members of the school swim team and have high-school sweethearts, though unlike Ballas and Jess (Kiandra Madeira), Franky hasn’t yet had sex with Priscilla (Hailey Kittle). She wouldn’t mind moving things forward and tries to get Franky to commit to her sleeping over after his 17th birthday bash, for which Franky’s mom, Carly (Bello), has promised she’ll leave the house until 1 a.m.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Cast: Josh Wiggins | Maria Bello | Kyle MacLachlan | Taylor Hickson

genres: LGBT Films | Drama

Giant Little Ones Theatrical Poster 2018Directed by: Keith Behrman

Written by: Keith Behrman

Production co: Euclid 431 Pictures | Scythia Films | Storyboard

Distributed by: Mongrel Media (Canada) (Theatrical)

Country: Canada

Language: English

Run Time: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

Release Date: Canada September 9, 2018 (TTF)
Release Date: Canada September 29, 2018 (VIFF)
Release Date: South Korea October 9, 2018 (Busan International Film Festival)

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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