PHOENIX, AZ — (10-23-18) — Brace yourself for the online production of ‘Will Simon and Stanley Falls’ exclusively, on the Southern Strokes Gay erotica network.

Parent company Mania Media LLC dropped the latest jaw dropping production of ‘Will Simon and Stanley Falls’ by Southern Strokes on Oct. 15. With images beginning to go viral on social media, ‘Will Simon and Stanley Falls’ are sure to generate impressive numbers for the Southern Strokes gay porn network.

“It’s a dream cum true for Stanley Falls when he gets his eager hands on tattooed twink Will Simon. Wearing a sexy, low-cut singlet, Stanley pours oil onto his hands and immediately gets to work giving Will the twink massage the young man deserves. And seriously, when you think about it, who wouldn’t want to glide their slippery hands up and down Will’s slender body? Though it’s best to give a massage on a table, giving a massage on a bed isn’t all that bed, especially since the possibilities of a happy ending increase dramatically! Scruffy, dark-haired jock Stanley takes his sweet time working Will’s smooth ass, exposing the hairless hole before dipping furthering and slipping an oily finger inside the twink. Stanley moves on to the feet, working them good before moving back up and sliding a big black butt plug up Will’s hungry ass, stuffing his hole. Will starts pushing back to take more until he’s got it all! But then it’s time to go for the prize. Stanley flips Will onto his back, pours massage oil on the twink’s body and starts stroking the fat, uncut piece of meat. Stanley has his way with Will, playing with his cock and stroking the twink, edging him towards climax as he gives him a handjob. When Will can no longer take it, he grabs hold of his own cock, jerks off, and shoots a nice load all over his belly.”

Will Simon and Stanley Falls - gay porn-movie-trailer

Cast: Will Simon | Stanley Falls

genres: Athletes | Big Dicks | Butt Plugs | Massages | Happy Endings | Serviced

Southern Strokes: Official Website

Production co: Southern Strokes Entertainment

Distributed by: Mania Media LLC

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: October 15, 2018

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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