‘SHOTS America Butt Plug & Play Split’  and the new ‘PUMPED Commercial’ are impressive to say the least and while the multi-award winning company is fresh off their StorErotica Award win for Best Foreign Manufacturer of the Year, leaked to our newsroom a look at the new ‘SHOTS America Butt Plug & Play Split’ collection and boy are men in for a treat with this line!

SHOTS America Butt Plug & Play SplitNow retailers I know you’ve been telling our charts department that butt plugs continue to be a hot mover and I can tell you that SHOTS president Ruben Deiz has heard the call by unleashing the ‘SHOTS America Butt Plug & Play Split’ line.

In fact Deiz and his elite team at SHOTS in the EU and America bring Gay and Straight men and, adult stores the Butt Plug & Play Split 3 Inch, Butt Plug & Play Split 4 Inch, Butt Plug & Play Split 5 Inch and Butt Plug & Play Split 6 Inch. Of course it comes in Black!

The packaging is superb and points have to go out to the productions department at SHOTS for this one!  In fact the publicity division at SHOTS headquarters says of their newest addition:

“This expanding plug has a unique, flexible shape for an intense and delightful feel! Once inside the two halves will spread, filling up all available space! This will ensure a tight fit keeping the plug in place even during the hardest play. The soft is flexible but rigid enough for the ultimate pleasure! New to this line is the ergonomically designed handle for easy insertion and retraction.”

Plus, I had to bring you a special surprise retailers because the marketing department at SHOTS America has also just released their new ‘Pumped Commercial’ for you to utilize in your stores and online of the highly rated ‘PUMPED’ Collection which if you were on hand at ANME, were able to witness it in person and for those of you have already begun stocking the ‘PUMPED ‘ Collection, now have a new promo to utilize to help promote attention from your customer base and for online customers who love watching pleasure product video demos.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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