BERLIN — ‘Sex Toys’ in a suitcase going through the X-ray machine are to blame for the closure of a terminal at the Schönefeld Airport. A routine screening of a passenger’s suitcase led to an alert just before 11 a.m. Tuesday. According to Federal authorities, the X-ray machine showed “suspicious content in a luggage piece,” and the owner of the bag was reluctant to tell authors exactly what was inside, other than referring to the contents as “technical stuff.”

Authorities immediately shutdown the terminal and called in the bomb squad to examine the sex toys which consisted of vibrators and other pleasure products in the suitcase.

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Authorities said that the owner of the suitcase was paged over the airport speaker system and when authorities made contact with the man about the suitcase, he was reluctant to explain the sex toys in his suitcase. The man told authorities at the airport that the suitcase simply contained “technical stuff.”

Following an unjustified hour-long investigation involving the bomb squad, authorities determined that the sex toys were not a threat and reopened the airport’s D terminal.

Evacuation of Frankfurt

People wait in a terminal during the evacuation of Frankfurt airport, Germany August 7, 2018. REUTERS/Florian Ulrich

Authorities say the reason for the panic over the sex toys was due to the bomb scare incident that came on the same day at the Frankfurt Airport, the  busiest airport in Germany where they evacuated the airport which affected over 7,000 passengers, following a family that had tested positive for explosives were mistakenly allowed to leave the security area. Both incidents took place during the busiest months for travel in Europe.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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