Rocco Steele, the 10 x 7 inch cock gay adult film superstar opens up to JRL CHARTS Keith Witchka on how he came to the decision to produce the sequel of all sequels, Urban Legend 2 on the Dragon Media gay erotica label.

Ever since word began leaking out that Steele had wrapped production on the sequel to his 2015 hit Urban Legend, the buzz has only grown and now, we bring you the intimate details on Urban Legend 2 which not only stars Steele himself but also gay adult film performers Bruno Bernal, Osiris Blade, Cesar Ventura, Dustin Steele, Cesar Rossi and Nicholas Ryder.

Keith Witchka: Rocco Steele, welcome to JRL CHARTS and thank you for joining me to get the inside dish on your upcoming sequel to the blockbuster film of 2015, Urban Legend. Tell me, how did you come to the decision to create Urban Legend 2 for Dragon Media?

Rocco Steele: When I was hired to start directing for Dragon Media, it just seemed obvious to do a follow up to Urban Legend 1 (2015). I wasn’t sure if it was going to pick up where the first movie left off of if I was going to go in a different direction. The more I thought about it, it was a no brainer for me…and the story started to write itself.

Keith Witchka: You’ve put together a superb cast for Urban Legend 2; Cesar Ventura , Bruno Bernal, Dustin Steele, Nicholas Ryder, Cesar Rossi, Osiris Blade and yourself round out the cast in the upcoming Dragon Media release. How did you finalize the cast of this mouth watering extravaganza that is set to hit On Demand and adult retailers worldwide on DVD June 14?

Rocco Steele: I have worked with Bruno before and without giving away too much information, I knew he would be perfect for his important role. As for the rest of the cast, I wanted hot guys that I had not really seen much of. I didn’t want guys who were overexposed. I wanted fresh talent and I believe I got that with these guys.

Keith Witchka: Judging by the reception and success of Urban Legend three years ago, what did you bring to the table of creation in Urban Legend 2?

Rocco Steele: I decided to take Urban Legend 2 in an unexpected direction. Again, I don’t want to give too much away because the surprise is really in the last scene of the movie and so I can’t give that away. Urban Legend 1 was so good and so sexy and Urban Legend 2 lives up to that for sure…but in addition, I gave Urban Legend 2 a little bit more of a sense of humor and a creative plot twist.

Keith Witchka: Rocco the buzz is already building as you have leaked the first poster for Urban Legend 2 on your official Twitter page. Were you surprised at the immediate response you received?

Rocco Steele: I really wasn’t surprised. I know we have a great movie with a great cast and a great location. As a result, the imagery coming from the movie is very compelling so when people saw the dvd artwork that I leaked, it expected it to be very well received.

Keith Witchka: How long did production take to put together this MUST WATCH gay porn extravaganza loaded with nothing but men?

Rocco Steele: I actually worked very quickly. My calendar was really filling up and I needed to get this shot so I picked the cast, found a location, took care of all the logistics and two weeks later we were filming.

Keith Witchka: After reviewing the official poster of Urban Legend 2 that you leaked on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, where did filming take place with all of that lush greenery in the foreground?

Rocco Steele: I wanted the Urban Legend 2 to also take place at a campground (because i wanted there to be a connection between the two movies) but I wanted a different backdrop than UL1, which took place in the Catskill Mountains in New York State. I wanted the complete opposite so I found a campground deep in the Florida Everglades…maybe a little too deep as snakes were seen slithering by during one of the outdoor sex scenes.

Keith Witchka: By any chance did you include any of your stunning 10Seven Underwear for men designs into the production?

Rocco Steele: I did not and that was intentional.

Keith Witchka: No you know Rocco you’re going to have to explain this one to our readers!

Rocco Steele: Yes, as much of a businessman as I am, I didn’t want to distract with any brand imaging, including 10SEVEN. However, I have something special planned for an upcoming movie which will basically revolve around the 10SEVEN brand.

Keith Witchka: You know you’re going to have to bring that scoop to JRL CHARTS the minute your ready to spring upon the world that special plan for 10Seven Underwear for Men. Now Rocco, we know already that gay porn fans are anticipating the action in the DP scene featured in Urban Legend 2, any behind the scenes gossip you can share with inquiring minds, hard cocks and power bottom thirsty gay men who crave to know.

Rocco Steele: All I can say is Bruno Bernal is a freaking trooper. Whatever I threw at him, he accepted. He’s such a professional and a joy to work with. The two tops in the scene , Cesar Ventura and Nicholas Ryder, naturally wanted to DP Bruno but as a director, I had to see where Bruno was physically and mentally at this point in the scene. They were out in the hot Florida Everglades for a few hours at this point and I didn’t want to push the guys too much, especially Bruno. I turned to Bruno and I sheepishly asked “Bruno how do you feel about a….” and I didn’t even get the words out of my mouth and his response was “I knew you were going to ask me for a DP! Let’s do it!!.” Namaste Bruno…namaste.

Keith Witchka: We can’t wait Rocco… Dragon Media is gearing up for a major marketing campaign on gay porn stars Cesar Ventura, Bruno Bernal, Dustin Steele, Nicholas Ryder, Cesar Rossi, Osiris Blade and the one and only Rocco Steele in Urban Legend 2. Are you excited?

Rocco Steele: Yes I’m very excited for this. It’s really great movie and I’m super proud of it. It definitely deserves the media attention it’s getting and will get because people need to see this (and Urban Legend 1 of course!)

Keith Witchka: Rocco, we are proud to bring gay porn fans their first look at the official trailer for Urban Legend 2 (2018) which is sure to go viral on social media and especially on Facebook and Twitter! Rocco now you know we have to plug your social media platforms for those who have not be graced with your jaw dropping hardcore teasers. How can gay porn fans stay locked into Rocco Steele 24/7 on Social Media?

Rocco Steele: They can follow me on twitter at @roccosteelenyc. On Instagram, I am @roccosteeleofficial and my OnlyFans Page is quickly becoming one of the most popular out there with extremely hot videos from my private collection uploaded 3, sometimes 4 times a week.

Keith Witchka: Rocco, thank you for chatting with me on JRL CHARTS and, we can’t wait to see the impressive numbers Urban Legend 2 is going to generate in both On Demand formats and on DVD in retail.

Rocco Steele: My pleasure….

Keith Witchka: Dragon Media will be exclusively distributing Urban Legend 2 to independent distributors, On Demand networks and adult stores nationwide. Adult store merchants will want to make sure to stay locked into JRL CHARTS for details on this MUST SEE, MUST BUY gay porn extravaganza from the legendary Rocco Steele.

Urban Legend 2 (2018) ships June 14 exclusively on the Dragon Media Online Superstore.  Adult retailers fear not because you will be able to get your hands on this ‘MUST STOCK” gay xxx production before the end of Summer!

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Interview Conducted by Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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