Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc. (“BEI”) confirmed the its rollout of the new compliance measures for the European Union’s ‘GDPR privacy regulation’.   BEI, parent to recently turned 23 BadPuppy, and soon to turn 15, ClubAmateurUSA, implemented the compliance measures across all its properties that will be made available to all global surfers & subscribers – not just those in the E.U.

Badpuppy founder & CEO, William Pinyon, explained to JRL CHARTS…that when he gathered his team a few months ago to review the new ‘GDPR privacy regulation’ and determine their next steps, it was decided that all new measures be implemented throughout the entire BadPuppy Network of sites without consideration of geographic location.

“It just made sense that if we were going to such extraordinary measures to comply with the GDPR’s new requirements.” Pinyon told JRL. “Why not make available to all end users? The team hopes that one day U.S. regulators will catch up with the E.U. in terms of privacy & consumer protections. It’s in all of our best interests.” said Pinyon.

Long-time Badpuppy support & billing administration manager, Jeff Goodrich, is taking on the additional responsibility of compliance manager. “Since I am the first line of contact with our customers & potential customers, it just made sense for me to add this new hat to my collection, so to speak.” Goodrich told JRL CHARTS. “It’s been a challenging & sometimes nail-biting few months as the weight of the new GDPR regulation bore down upon us. But I am pleased with the measures that we’re rolling out, and I think that customers, worldwide, will be pleased, as well.” said Goodrich.

Badpuppy’s creative director & original producer of ClubAmateurUSA, Casey Black, spent much of his time in the rollup to rollout researching mainstream & other adult websites to cull a list of best & worst practices in terms of GDPR compliance.

Goodrich added….“There were many days where we felt whelmed by the sheer magnitude of the necessary steps to GDPR compliance, but as we began reaching out to our vendors for billing, affiliate, CMS, etcetera, we did breathe several sighs of relief & chuckle to ourselves because it felt as though we were well ahead of the curve.” concluded Goodrich.

Adult webmasters, the whole team at Badpuppy agreed that they’re ready for the 25th and ready to get back to their wheelhouse – producing great gay porn.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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