Matthew Matsudaira, Pipedream Products new CEO of  the multi-award winning Pipedream Products made it official with a press release today following the announcement on May 8 of the immediate retirement of CEO and founder Nick Orlandino.

“I’m looking forward to strengthening Pipedream’s relationships with our distributor and retailer partners,” Matsudaira said in a press release issued. “The entire team is ready for new leadership and I’m confident the next era will be better than ever.” said Matsudaira.

Matthew Matsudaira comes to the adult entertainment industry after a successful leadership run at ultra-performers Nordstrom, Amazon and Chewy where he spearheaded one of the largest acquisition deals ever.

The international mega-manufacturer has a strategy in place to keep Pipedream on its continued path to success and is always looking for ways to improve its multi-award winning brand, processes, relationships and the customer experience.

Pipedream continues to be one of the dominant players on the cutting edge for more than 40 years, setting the standard for innovative and affordable products since 1973. It’s hard to believe this international multi-million dollar empire got its start selling smoking accessories out of the back of a van (hence the name Pipedream), only to become the largest pleasure products manufacturer in the world, ranking #1 in manufacturing, #1 in sales, #1 in customer service, and #1 in awards.

Based in the heart of “Porn Valley” in sunny Chatsworth, California, Pipedream is home to the best-selling and most groundbreaking brands in pleasure products. The company was the first to bring BDSM to broader audiences when debuting the Fetish Fantasy Series in 2005, which has since become the #1 selling beginners bondage line in the world.

Thirteen years later and they are still leading the soft bondage category, once again being first to market alongside the Fifty Shades frenzy with the Grey-inspired Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition and now that Matthew Matsudaira  has been named its new CEO, the next generation of Pipedream has begun!

Retailers make sure with an authorized distributor of Pipedream Products for their PRIDE Season line up of products; Honey’s Place | ECN | Eldorado | National/Universal | Williams Trading Co.

To get direct information on Pipedream, contact their corporate offices at (818) 772-0100 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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