Shine Toy Cleaner is the naturally unscented organic toy cleaner from Sliquid, the organization that knows how to deliver cleansing pleasure products, is now in stock and available from Eropartner Distribution. Sliquid Shine organic intimate toy cleaner is infused with body and nature-safe cleansing agents such as tea tree oil and castor oil, which have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This non-foaming toy cleaner does not contain glycerine, parabens, alcohol, triclosan or other harsh chemicals.

To use, simply spray Shine directly on to area to be cleaned. Rinse with water (where applicable), then wipe dry with a clean cloth, and store.

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Released back in October 2017, Shine is naturally unscented, helps to remove odors, is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% vegan friendly. In fact the cleanser is both safe and easy to use on most toy materials.

According to Sliquid’s R&D division…”Simply rinse the toy with water and apply Sliquid Organics Shine Toy Cleaner to the surface of the toy, or a soft cloth, and wipe the toy clean. Follow that with a quick rinse with water to ensure your toy is ready for storage, or it’s next use.”

Dean Elliott, Founder, and CEO of Sliquid, LLC, said upon the release of the Shine Organic Toy Cleaner…“We looked at the other products on the market that fall into this category and knew we could create a better option for our health and quality conscious customer. Sometimes you need something more than water to get the job done, but it should be as eco-friendly as water itself and that is what we have formulated here.” said Elliot.

The cleaner is vegan-friendly and comes in recyclable packaging!

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Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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