By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

Mutli-award winning pleasure products manufacturer Nasstoys of New York, has just begun shipping the highly anticipated PRO MAGNUS Superior Male Enhancement Pills to retailers nationwide – bringing men who have a erectile dysfunction or who simply wish to enhance their firmness – A bigger, stronger and harder enhancement pill for men looking to deliver a firmer sexual experience of pleasure for their sexual partners.

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Retailers the PRO MAGNUS Superior Male Enhancement pills come with a 12 pack countertop POP which will immediately get the attention of your customers approaching the counter.

Nasstoys R&D division states that the PRO MAGNUS will help men feel magnified upon taking their first pill! It’s fast acting unlike other male enhancement pills that have been reported to take up to an hour to produce results! The PRO MAGNUS has a longer lasting formula that makes it superior to all other male enhancement products on the market today.  The PRO MAGNUS Superior Male Enhancement pills come 12 packs to a case.

With the PRIDE Season just around the corner, you will want to make sure that you have the PRO MAGNUS male enhancement pills in stock and ready for your customer base and tourists who will be visiting your boutiques during the PRIDE celebrations taking place nationwide during the spring and summer seasons of 2018.

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Contact one of Nasstoys of New York’s experienced account representatives for immediate ordering information at 1-800-556-5562 | International: 1-201-861-7378 | EMAIL | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube.

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