By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

The 665 Distribution Center has begun shipping the ‘MUST STOCK’ Fist Powder 2.0 throughout the planet! The EU certified [CE0459] which of course means that the Super Concentrated Personal Lubricant is a registered medical device that is safe to use with Condoms and Toys.

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The FP Company’s publicity division states that you can mix up a batch of the Super Concentrated Personal Lubricant and use it all night long! Now remember that any batch should be used within 24 hours! One bottle makes up to 13 Liters of Lube! Need we say more?

Let’s take a look at the breakdown on how to utilize the Fist Powder 2.0:

(A) – Using cap provided, measure just 5g of Fist Powder 2.0
(B) – Poor 500ml of warm water in a container and/or blender
(C) – Add these 5g. Shake thoroughly and blend until a smooth gel forms.
(D) – Play with thickness or concentration by reducing or adding the amount of powder when mixing. The gel regenerate itself by adding water.If gel is kept refrigerated in a cool storage at 6°, it can be used up to 5 days after preparation!

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Consumers can purchase the FP Company’s Fist Powder 2.0 at the 665 Leather Online Superstore and for customers in West Hollywood, California, make sure to stop by their flagship boutique located at 8722 W. Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (Map It).

Retailers and distributors, for wholesale information, contact a veteran account representative at the 665 Distribution Center at (818) 678-9193 | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter

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