By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

THE NETHERLANDS — ‘Let’s Play with Lucas Drake’ [2018] is the latest release from STAXUS Sales collection and boy have they put together a cast of young European lads for this Must Stock! DVD release.

Directed by legendary gay erotica director John Smith, Lucas Drake is joined by stunning hotties Felip Bethsaida, Kris Blent, Julian Fox, Tom Jacobs, Ray Mannix, Jace Reed and Johnathan Strake.

“He’s the randy little cock-loving slut who really is never happier than when he’s sucking the life out of some horny stud’s cock or taking every inch of hard dick up his arse like a whore! Fortunately for such a wanton soul, STAXUS has been able to provide him with a constant line-up of twink-loving studs to help satisfy his near-epic craving. Guys like Kris Blent, Julian Fox, Tom Jacobs and a semi-anonymous showing from the mega-hung Jace Reed! All culminating in the ball-busting jerk-off that first (literally!) blasted the young hussy onto our screens!”

Cast: Lucas Drake | Felip Bethsaida | Kris Blent | Julian Fox | See Full Cast

genres: Twinks | Bareback | Anal Sex | Oral Sex | Blondes

Directed by: John Smith

Production Co: STAXUS Stars

Distributed by: STAXUS Sales

Country: The Netherlands

Language: Czech

Run time: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

Ship date: 11-30-2017


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