By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

THE NETHERLANDS — Out of the Woods (2017) has finally been dropped onto the STAXUS Sales website which means Gay fans will be able to get their own copy of this sensational cast consisting of Charlie Keller, Rudy Stone, Bjorn Nykvist, Casey Flip and, Greg Noll.

In the true tradition of European gay erotica director John Smith, Out of the Woods (2017) is sure to impress in both DVD rentals, sales and digital downloads.

Smith is a true talent who knows how to bring gay models together who are truly into each other in every single performance!  That makes a 10+ off the top!

“There’s a distinctly outdoors spirit to the STAXUS team as they head for the lush Czech countryside to engage in their favorite pastime – namely fucking and sucking each other into a spunk-splattered frenzy! Indeed, any interest this bunch of horny fuckers ever had in the splendors of mother nature are quickly eclipsed by their love of hard cock; as oversized new boy, Greg Noll, pits his carnal lusts against a stable of studio favorites. No question about it, these boys bound out of the woods and straight into each other’s pants for a dick-straining, spunk-churning escapade that will leave you simply begging for more!”

Cast: Charlie Keller |Rudy Stone | Bjorn Nykvist | Casey Flip | See Full Cast

genres: gay twinks | outdoor sex | anal sex | bareback | oral sex

Directed by: John Smith

Production co: SauVage Entertainment

Distributed by: STAXUS Sales | IVD | National | SpringTownDVD

Country: Czech Republic

Language: Czech

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Ship date: 11-22-17

Street date: 12-01-17

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