By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

BROOMFIELD, CO — Award-winning adult distributor Eldorado Trading Company has confirmed its new exclusive partnership with adult toy manufacturer, ST Rubber, to exclusively distribute the company’s new BDSM collection, Steamy Shades to adult retailers nationwide.

“Steamy Shades offers an elegant entry into the world of the soft BDSM with attractive products,” said ST Rubber co-founder Werner Tiburtius. “This is a perfect, softer alternative for curious beginners who want to inflame their love life with sensual BDSM games.” said Tiburtius.

ST Rubber, the German adult product manufacturer founded in 1981 by Adrian Schneider and Tiburtius, debuted the Steamy Shades collection at the 2016 eroFame show to great success, winning the 2016 SIGN Award for Best Fetish Line. Steamy Shades is a brand specializing in gentle BDSM products. The line includes a wide range of items from hoods and clamps to positioning aids and restraints, featuring black and lace detailing all in approachable packaging.

In addition to being perfect for beginners, the Steamy Shades line is easy to use making it great for newcomers and experts alike.  The line also offers great quality to consumers because of the line’s strict testing guidelines and quality material and hardware selection. ST Rubber has grown to be one of the world’s largest erotic toy distributors that has been developing its own brands since 2008 including the male-centric line Malesation, also an Eldorado exclusive.

“I am proud that Eldorado is extending our exclusive agreement with ST Rubber by introducing the Steamy Shades brand to North America,” said Eldorado’s Director of Sales, Bill Barna. “This category has been showing strong growth, enhancing the premium portion of our offering with the Steamy Shades product line is ideal. We are looking forward to our expanded relationship with the ST Rubber team.” said Barna.

The Steamy Shades BDSM collection is expected to be in stock and ready to ship to Eldorado customers toward the end of August.

Retailers can get ordering information on ST Rubber’s ‘Steamy Shades’ Collection by calling (800) 525-0848 | |

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