By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

UNITED KINGDOM — According to legendary gay erotica label Eurocreme, having a new man in the house is never easy to adjust to, but in ‘You’re Not My Daddy’ [2017], the young lads come to realize that it really isn’t that bad.

With hung daddies like US star Owen Powers, Kayden Gray, and Josh Dors all enforcing their rule on their young charges, the boys want to get their way as much as the dads do. These men know how to play the game, and they let the lads think they’re winning when, in fact, they are merely pawns.

‘You’re Not My Daddy’ [2017] serves up four separate scenes and scenarios directed by Sean Hardy and produced by the Eurocreme Group.

Cast: Billy Rock | Nick North | Kamyk Walker | Owen Powers | See Full Cast

Genres: daddies/twinks | couples | hairy | big dicks | Anal

Directed by: Sean Hardy

Production co: Eurocreme Group

Distributed by: Pulse | Bruno Gmuender (EU) | Vimpex (EU)

This title is available now on DVD worldwide, and on download via

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