By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

For some time now, we have watched certified 12 inches of pleasure stud ‘Eduardo Picasso’ exhibiting his talents exclusively for the Tim Tales label in sizzling hardcore action with some of Tim Tales hottest gay porn talent.

Eduardo Picasso make his debut in the summer of 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. In fact several Gay porn bloggers are calling him the biggest dick in not just Gay porn but porn in general!

The young 23 year-old Brazilian was discovered on a escort profile by the President of Tim Tales, Tim Krueger, who said..”His profile states residing in Milano, Italy, 6’3″ tall and packing at least 11 inches of cock.  In fact, Picasso’s cock is just about the size of fellow Tim Tales gay porn exclusive Caio Veyron’s cock.” said Krueger.

Check out Picasso’s hardcore work exclusively on the Tim Tales Network and make sure that you have your favorite bottle of Sport Fucker Lube, Spunk Lube, H20 Lube and AmityJack Lubricant with your hot towel.

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Directed by: Tim Krueger

Production co: Tim Tales Entertainment

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