By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

HALLANDALE, FL — Word came into our newsroom today that Loob Lube LLC that they have finally after weeks of teasers, have unveiled its sensational new personal care brands, “Loob Lube Premium Silk” and “Loob Lube H2O”.

According to Loob Lube LLC’s R & D division, “Loob Lube Premium Silk” is a silicone-based lubricant that is preservative-free. Loob Lube H2O is a water-based personal lubricant formulated from plant-based glycerin. Both Silk and H2O products are FDA-approved.”

Loob Lube’s media contact, Maureen Gonzalez, said..“The Loob Lube premium products were designed with love by a group of individuals whose mission is to help the world feel that ‘love owns our body.’ Once Premium Silk is applied, users will experience the silky smoothness of Loob Lube. Always remember to ‘loob it.’ Just a little goes a long way.” said Gonzalez.

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“We are so glad to add Loob Lube to our inventory,” said Eldorado buyer Crystal Garcia. “It is a great product made with safe ingredients and fun packaging making it simple and straight forward to appeal to consumers.” said Garcia.

Peter Kalker, Loob Lube director of sales, added, “You may wonder where the name came from. We took liberty with acronyms and LOOB means ‘Love Owns Our Body.” said Kalker.

Loob Lube products will be available through Eldorado at the beginning of the year. Retailers can get more information on Loob Lube LLC, by calling their corporate offices at 941-883-8077 |

Ordering the sensational Loob Lube collections can be done by contacting one of Eldorado Trading Company’s veteran sales team members at purchase Loob Lube, call (800) 525-0848 | 303-444-4622 | | | Facebook | Twitter.

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