By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

MONTREAL, QUEBEC — Mile High Media’s latest blockbuster now in stores worldwide, His Sister’s Lover 2 (2016), has one scene (Confessions), that is so explosive that you will have to put your player on pause several times before you explode.

“Billie Ramos confesses to his boyfriend Brandon Wilde that he hooked up with his sister’s boyfriend before she met him. Brandon is shocked about the news, but Billie tells him he’s so happy that it didn’t work out because he would have never met him. Brandon is touched by his words and the two start intensely kissing leading to passionate hard-core fucking! Crazy blow jobs, ass eating and ass pounding! These two boys show their love for each other by getting down and dirtier than ever! Letting each other know there is no cock better than this!”

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This is just one of the orgasmic scenes featured in “His Sister’s Lover 2” (2016) now shipping on DVD through Icon Male Studios and Mile High Media.

his-sisters-lover-volume-2-posterCast: Brandon Wilde | Billie Ramos

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Director: Nica Noelle

Producer: Jon Blitt

Production Co: Icon Male Studios

Distributor: Mile High Media

Runtime: 21:35 min

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