By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA — Gay adult film superstar Sean Ford is on a serious roll this season with blockbuster hits such as Lifeguard (2016) and New Boy (2016). Now he is back to grace us with his erotic skills with co-star gay adult film superstar Grayson Lange in Helix Studios fresh new production entitled, “Bowling Bottoms” (2016).

grayson-lange-sean-ford-kissing-bowling-bottoms-promo-1“Nothing gets our gorgeous boys horned up like a fun night out handling some big heavy balls! Bowling beauties Grayson Lange and Sean Ford have been at the alley fingering balls and tossing them at giant phalluses all night.

When the pair finally get some alone time, all that pent up sexual energy releases like wildfire! Sean wraps his full lips around Grayson’s perfect piece.

Picking up the spare, Grayson gives Ford’s knob a shine and waxes his alley till it glistens and gleams. Ford’s fanny is just begging to be fucked! Lange lays it down HARD and RAW in Sean’s gorgeous gutter.

grayson-lange-fucks-sean-ford-bowling-bottomsLange holds Sean by his ankles in a delicious doggy, Ford forces his butt back so he can hit the tasty spot. Two bottoms DO in fact make a top for our boys here! Grayson climbs on Ford for a ferocious ride, bouncing like a boy on a ride at the Youth Fair! The guys take turns, tag teaming each other’s beautiful round behinds.

In an epic finale, Ford is spread eagle enjoying every inch of his bowling buddy. In perfect unison, both boys grab their goods and milk ’em till pure white gold erupts in big bursts! Ford’s cake is glazed with a hefty helping of Grayson’s gusher. STRIKE!”

Cast: Sean Ford | Grayson Lange

Themes: American, Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Kissing, Rimming, Swimmers, Twink

sean-ford-fucks-grayson-lange-bowling-bottoms-promo-2Producer and Director: Keith Miller

Production Co: Helix Studios

Distributor: Helix Studios Direct

Runtime: 27 Min

Release Date: December 11, 2016

Helix fans you are in for a treat beyond belief with this flip-flop bareback scene! Watch “Bowling Bottoms” exclusively on the Helix Studios Network.





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